Principal Investigator

Nick is an Assistant Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and by courtesy, Computer Science. After receiving his PhD in mathematics on Partial Differential Equation theory, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford in both the Wall Lab (working chiefly on the Autism Glass Project) and the NeuroAI Lab (on building curiosity within artificial intelligence, as well as cognitive models).



Postdoctoral Fellow

Isaac Kauvar received a B.S. (Engineering Physics), M.S. (Electrical Engineering) and PhD (Electrical Engineering) from Stanford. During his graduate work, jointly in the labs of Gordon Wetzstein and Karl Deisseroth, he developed tools for recording cortex-wide neural activity in mice, and he applied these tools to discover how circuits throughout the brain of behaving mammals function as a coupled system—and the consequences that can arise when they decouple. As a postdoc, he is excited to explore the phenomenon of curiosity. 



PhD Student

After receiving her B.S. degrees in Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Bogazici University, Turkey, Merve worked as a Data & AI Tech Specialist at Microsoft. She worked on several award-winning projects in the Middle East & Africa region and led their AI Female Talent Program. Her passion for learning science led her to pursue her M.A. in Education at Stanford as a Fulbright Scholar. She studied in the Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) program at the GSE, focusing on social and emotional learning. She is a huge supporter of women in tech,  currently working as a Data Science Lead at an online vocational school for underserved women in Turkey. As a PhD student, she is excited to explore the intersection of affective computing and curiosity within artificial intelligence.